IU’s reps respond to controversy over differential treatment of fans

ArticleIU’s agency responds to controversy over only soliciting promotion opinions from her most famous fans

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+438] ‘Named’ has done a lot for IU and is someone who everyone agrees is a true fan, so I can see why they went to her for advice… I don’t think even other fans would find this controversial.

2. [+275] I don’t think IU’s even the kind of person to discriminate fans like that. I don’t think real fans would think much of this.

3. [+268] ‘Named’ is famous for a reason..

4. [+311] Well then who else are they supposed to ask? You don’t really know who’s a fan other than the known ones out there

5. [+75] I don’t think this is IU’s controversy but rather her fans. If you’re her true fan, you shouldn’t be dividing the fandom up and picking fights like this. IU did nothing wrong. Nothing wrong at all.

6. [+25] To all of the people saying ‘Named’ is famous enough… are you implying that it’s okay for all of the other fans to be ignored, then? Her official fanclub requires a paid membership to join. We’re all in it with our own money because we like the same singer. Within that fanclub, all fans should be given the same opportunities. You can’t justify the company discriminating against certain fans just because one of them is more famous than the other.

7. [+29] ‘Named’ is someone who has poured that much of her own time and money into this. I think getting an interview opportunity is fair, and I don’t find it problematic that she was given preferential treatment.

8. [+21] Why is this even a big deal

9. [+17] People aren’t hating on IU, people are hating on her agency. They could’ve just picked fans based on a lottery within the fanclub but they purposely sought out ‘famous fans’ to give them preferential treatment not once but twice already. If this isn’t discrimination, then what is?

10. [+9] I don’t really find this discriminatory. There’s nothing wrong with asking a fan who has more interest in her, who has done more for her for their opinion…