The anti-vax and vaxed people are fighting in the comments but… I don’t think that people who got vaxed are f*cking pigs. However, the people who are in the wrong are the ones forcing the vaccine passport and vaccine on others… I’m scared of getting side effects and there’s still a lot of time to postpone the vaccine passport so I don’t think that there’s a need to call the unvaccinated people selfish? So that’s why I’m writing this post. Anyways, I hope that the unvaccinated and vaccinated people don’t fight… and I hope that everyone understands that the issue lies on forcing others to get the vaccine passport + vaccine.
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But you can’t call OP selfish no?? I only got 2 doses but I won’t get my 3rd dose. There are a lot of people who got infected even with the vaccine and if you look at the percentage of infected people who are vaccinated, they make around 60%. But the funny thing is that if you say this, the people who support the vaccine will tell you that they got the vaccine to lower the mortality rate, not for the virus to stop spreading. Then, it doesn’t affect other people whether they get vaccinated or not?? It’s your personal right to not get vaccinated. Nobody can force you. I’m definitely not getting my 3rd dose.
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No no, do you think that people who know that they will have side effects get the vaccine? If you think that it’s dangerous, you’re right for not getting it
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It’s indeed selfishㅋㅋ you’re not getting vaccinated as long as you’re the one living. So if your dad thinks that he’s gonna die in 2 years, he should take the kids with him?
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The reason why you can’t force the vaccine unto others

“I got my 3rd dose 3 days ago and thought that I won’t be able to live through 2022. Also, I was doubtful about my side effects so people told me to go to the hospital and when I went, I was prescribed painkillers and fever reducers. The doctor told me that honestly, there are a lot of people who came in because of side effects but there’s nothing much we can do for them. Also, they said that people only talk about the number of people infected but from the original Corona to the Delta variant, the death rate has reduced  and it reduced by another half when it changed to Omicron. They said that this is just all political quarantine. Actually, just like how there is no special medication for the flu, this is not that different from it either. They said that rather than Korea being good at quarantining, it’s more that people’s awareness of their personal rights have decreased.”

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I hate Japan too but Japan is not an industrialized country for nothing. The Japanese government has announced that it cannot discriminate against those who refuse to inject mRNA gene therapy in the public and private sectors. Their government encourages all citizens to be vaccinated against COVID-19, but it is not necessarily mandatory. After providing the information, vaccination is made only if the people consent to get vaccinated. Their government also recommends that those who consider taking it carefully consider both the effects and side effects. They also emphasize that companies do not force their employees to do the mRNA gene therapy.