A base(?) overseas held preliminary and final votes for a yearlong, and the top 10 to top 1 were revealed not long ago
10 – ENHYPEN Jake

9 – The Boyz Juyeon

8 – NCT Taeyong

7 – Stray Kids Hyunjin

6 – Treasure Asahi

5 – BTS Jungkook

4 – Seventeen Mingyu

3 – Treasure Haruto

2 – BTS V

1 – ASTRO Cha Eunwoo

((It’s a ranking based on luck + the foreign fans’ preferences so please just look at it for fun))
original post: here
1. As expected from Eunwoo
2. Hul Bangtan has a lot of fans so I thought that they would be first. Cha Eunwoo, congrats
3. The Japanese ones are a bit puzzling but I can acknowledge everyone to some extentㅋㅋㅋㅋ
4. I accept this… *nod*
5. I f*cking like Eunwoo, Mingyu and Juyeon ㅜ
6. Except for Treasure that stands out a little bit here, the rest were predictable
7. Cha Eunwoo is popular even overseas, as expected
8. Oh I can accept this
9. You’re telling me that Hwang Minhyun isn’t here..
10. Rather than how people see them, I want a ranking based on how idols see themselvesㅋㅋ
11. Just from the gifs alone, #1 fits my taste the most..
12. I was wondering why Cha Eunwoo wasn’t here but as expected, we all have the same eyesㅋㅋㅋ
13. Juyeon ㅜㅜ
14. The foreign fandoms picked a lot of all kids
15. Seventeen’s Vernon isn’t here?… He’s freaking handsome in my standards ㅠ