(Columns left to right: date, singer (album), daily sales, cumulative sales)

bottom: first weeks sales comparison
Digital score: 542th on Melon chart = their best score
They were able to sell 800K in their first week sales, meanwhile their Melon score is appalling
where are all their fans?
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1. [+112, -14]

Don’t you guys know Enhypen’s entity by now? They received 100M streams on Spotify, so you know their international fandom is robust. Are you one of those gallery bugs calling them strange?
2. [+58, -99]
Aha an army bug
3. [+51, -70]
The real strange ones are Army who keep bashing female and male idols everyday without reasons no?
4. [+41, -34]
Are Army going to die from a deadly disease if they don’t spend one day hating on other idols?
5. [+39, -2]
Why are people blaming Army here too?
6. [+30, -1]
They have a huge fandom overseas, so over there you don’t see that much disparity between physical and digital scores? Nowadays, a lot of people use Spotify and Youtube Music, but you’re going to insist on whining about Melon? They’ve reached over 100M on Spotify, there’s barely any idol who was able to do that. You know that Enhypen has a presence when their b-side hits 100M

7. [+27, -1]

What’s up with people blaming Bangtan and Army today?ㅋㅋㅋ  It’s a mess everywhereㅋㅋㅋ