Chanel classic flap bag

~10K USD

LG full home appliance set

77 ince OLED TV + Styler + washing machine + fridge + cordless vacuum
I’m even more jealous of people who can afford both
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1. I’m glad I’ve never been obsessed with luxury brands
2. Wow I don’t know much about luxury brands, but that bad is really over 10 million won????? I saw some post about Chanel, where the person said that everyone wears the same Chanel bag at wedding hall so she got so embarrassed she couldn’t bring hers there, but how can so many people afford this bad?? Wow
3. Chanel is doing this to their prices because they want to become like Hermesㅋㅋ
4. There are so many people who get a Chanel bag then look down on others.. Just buy whatever you want and buy what you need
5. It would be nice to have that full home appliance set if my house ha..
6. LC full home appliance set isn’t even this cheapㅜ It’s so expensive, I’ll go for Samsung instead…ㅎㅎ
7. I don’t know much about bags, so I don’t know about their value, but if it’s over 10 million won and you’re able to afford this, I’m still envious
8. For me luxury items are just for show. I always use my bags dangerously so if I ever get one of those, it will be for display only
9. What? Wasn’t this bag 6 million won in the past? The price doubled..
10. Guys.. Don’t get Chanel’s bags, get Lady Dior instead..