09’er Koki

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1. Should’ve just never picked him in the debut unit to start with..
2. Maybe they’ll grow him as a solo
3. Damn.. I used to think he didn’t fit in the group, but they should’ve just never picked him from the beginning. What’s up now with giving the debut then removing it away from him?
4. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
5. The program as a whole is the problem. They should’ve put an age limit, if they did that from the beginning, they would’ve never picked him. But now, they’re just hurting him… It’s not like he did anything wrong himself. I feel bad seeing people hate on him just because of his age
6. What’s up with people hating on such a young kid?
7. The way they’re conducting business is f*cking weird. They should’ve never picked him, but instead he got all those haters coming after him. The company is crazy
8. But it’s still a relief they thought about the kid. How is he supposed to attend all these schedules when he’s still growing…
9. They should stop after 07’er, 09’er is way too young
10. Is he even a popular member?