Global ambassador – Blackpink Jennie

Global ambassador – BIGBANG G-dragon

Global ambassador – Kim Goeun
Korea Chanel watch & fine jewelry ambassador – Gong Yoo
Beauty ambassador – Lee Sungkyung (whether she’s a global or Korean ambassador isn’t decided)
Beauty ambassador – Park Seojun (whether he’s a global or Korean ambassador isn’t decided)
House Friend (beauty included) – Blackpink Jisoo
House Friend – Suzy
House Friend – EXO Sehun
Beauty Korea ambassador – Nam Joohyuk
Fine jewelry & Time Piece ambassador – Kim Yuna (whether she’s a global or Korean ambassador isn’t decided)
Beauty Korea ambassador – Joo Jihoon
Beauty Korea ambassador – Lee Honey
Global ambassador – Blackpink Lisa
Global ambassador – Blackpink Rose
Global ambassador – EXO Kai
Global ambassador – Lee Jungjae
Global ambassador – Shin Minah
Korea ambassador – IU
Louis Vuitton
Global ambassador – Bae Doona
Global ambassador – BTS
Global ambassador – Jung Hoyeon
Global ambassador – Jeon Somi
Louis Vuitton global watch & jewelry ambassador – Lee Minho
Alexander McQueen
Korea ambassador – Jun Jihyun
Korea ambassador – Nu’est Hwang Minhyun
Korea ambassador – Lee Sungkyung
Global ambassador – Blackpink Lisa
Global ambassador – ASTRO Cha Eunwoo
Global ambassador – Aespa
Korea ambassador – Song Hyekyo
Mac Cosmetic
Global ambassador – Blackpink Lisa
Jo Malone London
Ambassador – Kim Woobin (whether he’s a global or Korean ambassador isn’t decided)
Miu Miu
Global ambassador – Lee Yumi
Korea ambassador – SNSD Yoona
Korea ambassador – Jang Wonyoung
Asia ambassador – Gong Hyojin
Global ambassador – Blackpink Rose
Hugo Boss
Global ambassador Lee Minho
+ Dior’s House Friends = global ambassador!
+ Hwang Minhyun & Jo Malone, Baekhyun & Burberry and Suho & Bvlgari ended their contract so I removed them
I made sure that Suzy is a House Friend
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1. Most of them are Hallyu stars. Yu-neu is impressive
2. Kai got a contract with YSL to be their Korean Beauty ambassador this time
3. Looking at these brands here makes me not want to buy from them anymore
4. Yu-neu nim is so pretty
5. Lisa is the global ambassador for 3 brands. She’s doing pretty well
6. To be honest, BP does seem to have a huge influence in the fashion world
7. Wow BP are seriously daebak…
8. Yoona is so pretty
9. Jeon Somi is an ambassador for LV’s Eyewear
10. Lee Honey is seriously daebak gorgeous…
11. Have we always had that many global ambassadors?? I thought that we only had a small number of them
12. I wonder if Suho will get another contract. It suited him so well
13. Dior and Yu-neu, Saint-Laurent and Rose and Gucci and Kai are f*cking a match made in heaven
14. Lisa’s aura in pictorials is always nice. She looks charming
15. Lisa is seriously pretty and cool
16. Isn’t Prada with Song Hyekyo?
17. Son Yejin is the global ambassador for Valentino
18. Lee Jongsuk is also the global ambassador for Prada
19. Lisa has 3???????? Daebak
20. BP has one per member… Just how many does Lisa have? Wow