Why do you guys use eco bags???

1. To preserve the earth
2. Because it’s light and comfortable
3. Because it’s pretty
4. Because it’s cheap
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1. 2
2. 2, being light is the best
3. 2
4. 2, it’s comfortable
5. 234
6. 2
7. 2, I hate heavy things
8. It’s pretty and comfortable
9. 22 no matter how good a bag is for the environment, if it’s heavy, I won’t use it
10. 2, my shoulders hurt if the bag is too heavy and I don’t need those pretty leather bags so eco bags are the best
11. They always give those for free so I just go them and kept using them ever since
12. 2, as I got older, all the bags are uncomfortable to me. There are no other bags that are this big