“1. You are working and will still continue to go to work after marriage

2. You have a loan for the house and both of you are slowly repaying it back
3. Your husband is the one giving birth (the kid will inherit your last name)
4. If the kid cries, your husband rushes to them to console them and put them back to sleep
5. If the kid is hungry, your husband fees them
6. When playing with the kid and that their diaper needs to be changed, your husband comes in from another room, changes it and leaves the room again
7. Your husband takes the responsibility for all the kid’s education
8. If something happens at your kid’s school, your husband goes to the school to resolve it
9. When you work at night and come back home, your husband prepares the food, and of course, your husband also earns money
10. Every morning, your husband prepares the breakfast and also prepares the lunchboxes for lunch
11. Every week, your husband calls your parents on the phone to greet them
12. Your husband takes care of the laundry, dishes and cleaning everyday
13. Your husband calls your younger siblings “mademoiselle” or “young gentleman” (T/N: the wife would call their husband’s unmarried younger siblings 아가씨 and 도련님, not too sure if that’s still a common practice)
14. On national holidays, your husband prepares food for your ancestors and goes to your house to prepare pancakes with your dad (but you bow to your elders)
15. When you go to your husband’s home, your in-laws welcome you warmly and care for you saying things like “you worked hard earning money”. The amount of money that you make is different from your husband’s
16. Because of the social norms, on the days you have company dinners, you have to go to after parties at the noraebang and play with other men all night before going home (and your husband is understanding about it)
17. As your kid grows up, you feel like they are slowly growing distant from you but people blame it on you being busy at work and don’t blame it on you. But you do sometimes hate the fact that your kid only follows dad
You would get married vs you wouldn’t”
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1. Yah, suddenly, getting married is worth it
2. I would do it in a heartbeat
3. With these conditions, I could get married tomorrow
4. There’s not one reason that would make me not want to get married
5. I still feel like only the people who want to get married would do it
6. You’d be a fool not wanting to get married
7. ㅠㅠ this makes me sad
8. Of course I would
9. Even if I wasn’t making money, I would get married right away ㅋㅋ
10. Because of #16, I don’t want to get married.. For the rest, if I love my husband I would get married
11. If marriage was this sweet, I would get married
12. I would totally do it..
13. Wow seeing it like this, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t want to
14. I don’t need anything else after I saw that my husband was gonna give birth. But what about sciences?
15. This post is making me think so much