Usually controversies like that are considered as bad as premarital pregnancy no???

If it was anywhere else they would’ve freaking ostracized Edawn’s couple, but with only a handful of Pentagon’s fangirls + Hyuna’s recognition, his fans can say whatever they want and the muggles will still shield him
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He completely ignored his company’s contract and went public with his dating, obviously he got cut from the group, but the muggles don’t seem to care ㅋㅋ
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Just imagine working on a group project and the project is currently running super smoothly just for the presenter to run away with his girlfriend on the day of the oral presentationㅋㅋㅋㅋHonestly even the members were trying to cover for his parts as best as they couldㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m a fan of another group and I don’t have any ill feelings towards Hyuna but this is a bit… Of course their personal happiness is important too. However, I still think that they were at wrong for being an eyesore to the other people who were running with you towards the same dream. Pentagon’s fans all remember this as a bad memory, so they should stay quiet..
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The Hyun-dawn image making f*cked everyone up, thanks to them, even the company couldn’t stop them, they were the lovers of a century…♥  They were actually a lot of muggles swearing at them back themㅋㅋ If you want to speak, at least know the facts
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The bias substitution (not sure who they’re referring to) + having your bias (Hui) stuck into an unit with a real couple + being dropped out from a survival program and the fans worked on mass streaming to make you redebut, so you played the fans + the company trying to cover up, but they ran themselves to the media to give an interview about them dating to release the article first + When the members listen to the songs again and hear his voice, they have to decrease the noise and read the room + The group never mentioned him but whenever they made a comeback, he would try to talk about his solo and include himself –> If you can forgive all this, then I acknowledge your shield
“What damage he did to the group? Even now, whenever we mention Pentagon, his controversies would be the first thing to get brought up.. So many people would say “Ah that group with the guy who got kicked out for dating?”.. And this was right before the 1st generation of Pentagon’s fanclub inauguration ceremony, and so many fans left the fandom before that. So many people asked for a refund and so many fans have bought their membership in advance didn’t even show up to the ceremony. Honestly, even the members knew all that and right before the ceremony, they mentioned being so nervous that the seats would be empty. When they saw the light stick light up on the first song, they almost all started crying… Just how hurt were the members..”
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What are you guys doing??? Stop pretending you care, this post is so so. Stop mending other people’s business, 2 hours ago, Pentagon just won their first #1 on Music Bank. Go listen to their encore. You shouldn’t worry for a group that can still grow even after a hiatus