“Hello, I’m Jangmi (real name)’s uncle”

Hello, this is Jangmi’s uncle.
I haven’t been able to tell you since I couldn’t grasp the situation.
Jangmi left this world.
It is regrettable to say this sad news to so many fans and people who supported her.
During that time, Jangmi suffered from severe depression due to numerous malicious comments and rumors, and these were the cause [of her d*th].
However, although these rumors are still floating around, the ones related to rappers and drugs were completely unfounded.
This is a fact that I, the family of the Jangmi, and the people around her all know,
We will take legal action against anyone who spreads related rumors.
Please do not insult the deceased.
This is something very difficult for the bereaved family and friends.
She also left a will, through this, I was able to learn how hard it was for Jangmi and how much bullying she had been subjected to.
I’m begging to all of you. Please stop producing any more nonsensical rumors.
Sadly, it’s true that she took this decision on her own due to her depression, it has nothing to do with anything else.
I have nothing but gratefulness and regretfulness towards the ones who have loved Jangmi, Jammi all this time.
Please help Jangmi rest in peace.
In addition, we will take legal action against malicious rumors.
I hope everyone finds happiness in the future.
I hope both of them rest easy (T/n: her mom also took her life not long ago
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1. [+946, -48]
The hannams tsk tsk. They were leaving hate comments on her streams calling her a Megal (t/n: Megalia is an “”extremist”” feminist community), even her mom who watched PPKKa’s video couldn’t stand it anymore and ended up taking her own life (t/n: PPKKa is a notorious misogynist youtuber who is known for having inferiority complex towards successful/pretty women especially streamers, he made a video “”exposing”” Jammi for being a feminist). After that, the hannams coined her “sad cam girl” and started mocking her saying her “it’s because you’re pretty [that you got hated by PPKKa]”ㅋㅋㅋㅋ If you watched his video, you see him say “Do I find Jammi pretty? What the?” he’s f*cking delusional. These are men who are turning women into feminists to force them to d*e, however, once again, when the media is reporting about the assailants, they’ll leave out the gender issues and are staying so quietㅋㅋㅋㅋ  The ones who bullied her and swore at her were hannams. Jammi will become your curse, good work~
2. [+827, -15]
Are they really humans?
“If Jammi committes s*icide, wouldn’t this score a new Guinness record of 2-kills from mother-daughter in a 3-daughter household?ㅋㅋ”
3. [+778, -21]
PPKKa has a rumors of being intertwined with the Korean-Chinese triad, but up until now, none of his relatives have ever exposed him. Meanwhile he’s there promoting conflict between men and women
4. [+475 ,-8]
If I have any PPKKa’s subscribers around me, I’d seriously stone them to d*ath
5. [+456, -3]
Do you guys know that PPKKa k*lled Jammi’s mom?
6. [+444, -8]
Kids, you know this emoticon, this has only become a sing of misandry because men were the ones who fabricated this. We’ve all used this sign just fine until a while ago when men decided that this is misandry so we can’t use it anymore?? Even governments and businesses are paying attention to this. And they accused Jammi of using that gesture to send hate comments against her, calling her a misandrist. We need to change their perception of this issue so that this country will finally listen to women’s voices

7. [+395, -4]

There’s not a single country out there who glorifies incels as much as Koreaㅋㅋ If you watched other countries’ trending videos on Youtube, it’s all about cooking videos, healing videos, there’s not a single video like Cyber Wrecker’s or any misogynist videos with over 1M views. Meanwhile if you look at FMKorea (t/n: similar to Ilbe, but even more misogynist) there would be over 90K users online in real time, even for DC Gallery (t/n: another community like ilbe), if you look at the users VS national population, they’re ranked 3rd in the world. Those are communities that the general public visits filled with s*xual harassment everyday. This is seriously national disaster levelㅋㅋ