I used to think that she was flirting on stage and pretending to be pretty so her personality was also the same but she’s way cooler and kinder than I thought
She’s been in the industry for 4~5 years and she still works hard at doing her fans’ requests at fansigns and online fan meetings.
Even when fans ask her to do the same things over and over again, she doesn’t make it awkward and does it like it was her first time.
She sends private messages almost every day and she’s a kid who worries about her fans first asking them to not read her hate comments in fear that they might get hurt.
People force their hate on her for weird reasons like taking a momentary screenshot of her expression on stage, or taking weird gifs and making things up about her personality.
But when she was in Izone, Sakura even calls her “baby” and even when she resists Jo Yuri who is close to her, when Jo Yuri peels fruits for her and put them in her mouth, she just accepts it.
Before, when she wasn’t doing anything in a natural way, she would get hate
She’s trying to be careful with all her actions but people are still makin hate videos about her
It just seems hopeless
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1. [+135, -5]
I’ve been into IVE recently and watched their self-made contents and when I saw Liz saying that even Wonyoung has never said once that she was having a hard time. When she was preparing for her debut, she came back from her personal schedule and had to practice every day but she never made it obvious that she was having it hard. So it made me realize that her personality was rather calm which is unexpected
2. [+115, -6]
The rotten mentality of those cyber haters who make hate videos about her just to get YT views and those elementary schoolers who watch those videos are the issues here
3. [+85, -5]
This is such a refreshing post. Don’t delete it
4. [+61, -1]
But her personality is indeed calmer than I thought ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ seriously, she’s really like a pro. Born to be celebrity…..
5. [+52, -1]
People were hating her to death from her debut until now because of inferiority complex but she doesn’t take any sh*t from them and instead acts wise and works hard which is admirable and sad…. I want to eradicate all those f*ckers who say that she’s fake or whatnot. They are the ones who made her that way..ㅋㅋㅋ