ITZY’s visual Yuna

Aespa’s visual Karina

Ive’s visual Jang Wonyoung

Kep1er’s visual Xiaoting

Every group’s visuals have been washed out because of the no-edit and yellow filter of Weekly Idol but

What’s up with her?..

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1. [+60, -24]
Look at those JYP stock bugs at it again, don’t feed the post
2. [+57, -10]
Yuna is seriously pretty
3. [+56, -18]
I wouldn’t say the two on top won in this one??
4. [+27, -7]
Sullyoon is f*cking pretty but the comments are a mess.. You guys sure are invested
5. [+27, -4]
But the more I look at Karina, the more I’m not sure whether the mole under her mouth is a plus or a minus on her faceㅜㅜ Sometimes I find it really charming and other time I find it ages her
6. [+25, -13]
You can tell that this post was definitely not written by a fan. If you walk in the street and asked around, I bet 9 out of 10 people would pick the last girl as the prettiest
7. [+23, -5]
I know this post is a troll post, but she’s indeed f*cking pretty..