Son Yejin’s dad looks exactly like Hyunbin

Son Yejin is seriously a natural beauty. She was so cute and pretty as a kid and she was pretty in high school too
Hyunbin was also freaking handsome
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A couple that are like friends is the best. Because they are the same age, they will live a fun and lovey-dovey life
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Both are freaking handsome and freaking pretty so no one loses hereㅋㅋㅋ this pairing is legendary
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This couple have the perfect dutch-face (T/N: Knets use “dutch-XX” when they are describing something that has a big gap. It’s usually used to talk about the difference between a man and woman’s looks in a couple but her,e netizens are saying it’s a “perfect dutch-XX” probably inferring that there’s no gap – not sure though). My eyes are at ease ㅠ
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I somehow feel like this couple will live super well ㅋㅋㅋ
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Their dutch-face is so well-matched so their marriage life must be so happy ㅜ even if they fought, they would reconcile right away
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This is the perfect face comboㅇㅇ
Son Yejin said this on an old interview
She was asked about marriage and said that she doesn’t have the confidence to give birth to a kid and become a mother so she has no thoughts about marriage whatsoever. She said that even if she found a man she wanted to get married to in the future, she won’t be sure about it so she doesn’t think about marriage.
But seeing how she’s gonna get married to Hyunbin, she must’ve really found her match
Son Yejin is famous at being good at managing her private life compared to other actors.
So there are no bad rumors surrounding her and she never f*cked up. She’s also freaking good at acting and doesn’t even get into small controversies.
She has always been sincere towards acting and has slowly built up her career.
She even goes to the same pilates place for 20 years
She also stayed with the same company for 20 years without ever moving
She’s known to be full of loyalty and there were also rumors about her strong loyalty during her school days
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The perfect dutch-face + dutch-age + dutch-career. Seriously, this is the birth of a legendary couple
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This isn’t some beauty and the beast pairing and their visuals match well. Every time I see a freaking handsome and pretty couple, I kinda feel at ease and delighted
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That’s right. Isn’t Son Yejin known for being smart? Looking at their interviews, they are both good at talking and look sincere. They will live well
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They are the same age so they will get along wellㅋㅋ
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The best visual couple has come..