” (T/N: The Korean translation is a bit off since it’s translated from Chinese)

[#Chinese members from Korean groups were attacked on the Internet for posting congratulations about China’s gold medal #One Korean netizen is demanding her to leave the group] According to the Global Network news on the 9th of February, Ning Yizhuo (Ning Ning) from the group Aespa has been creating a buzz in Korea for congratulating the Chinese team’s first gold medal at the winter Olympics. Rational netizens expressed their understanding.”

“Koreans’ sense of inferiority and ego are cultural genes formed over thousands of years.”

The article talking about Korean netizens demanding Ning Ning to leave the group became the #1 trending topic on Weibo
It’s filled with comments mocking Korea
original post: here
1. Just take all the Chinese members, we don’t need them either
2. If you leave her alone, she’ll become a pigeon anywaysㅋㅋㅋ you guys should’ve picked her then
3. Lee Sooman is the issue here. Stop supplying without demand
4. When she debuted, I was wondering why she debuted but with the k-cameras work, she became a somebody ㅋㅋㅋ
5. If you’re in a 4-members group, you need to only have elites in the group but it’s impressive that they even put such a charmless kid in the group
6. Seeing how they are supporting her so much, she’ll leave soon
7. Go back to your country and take Sooman with you
8. Please take her away, we don’t need Chinese members
9. Ah looks like she got really popular. Seems like she’ll leave soon
10. Who is she?
11. Then take her away. Do you think that she’ll feel regret? Who’s even gonna regret?
12. I f*cking hate Chinese members
13. If she’s gonna leave anyways, just leave now