Seriously, how do you fix it?
I know that you don’t want to hear this but I’ve heard a lot of people calling me pretty and I’m pretty famous for my face? But that’s all because of makeup
Anyways, so maybe that’s why I feel this way but if I don’t hear anyone calling me pretty, I start wondering if I’m ugly. If I can’t get attention anywhere, I start to go crazy.
If there’s a kid prettier than me, I seriously can’t bring myself to do anything all day.
I know that I have mental issues but please don’t hate on me too much. I also hate being like this and it’s killing me. Seriously, how can I fix this? Will everything be settled if I get surgery?
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1. [+138, -2]
Don’t even consider surgery. That’s the answer. Your face isn’t the issue but your thinking is, so why are you trying to fix your face?…
2. [+124, -1]
There are even a lot of people who look at Kim Taehee and find that she’s not their type. If you look at the country right next to ours, you can see that their beauty standards are way different. That’s how subjective beauty is. Even in one country like Korea, people have different tastes… don’t be too reliant on other people. It will be fine as long as you acknowledge that everyone is different. So you kinda have to let it go ㅋㅋㅋ
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Try to go see a therapist. Experts are the best
4. [+34, 0]
But how are kids with low esteem about their looks supposed to help you?
5. [+25, 0]
Everything would be the same even if you did surgery? Because the issue is inside of you
6. [+20, -8]
It’s not like you’re an idol so do you have to be the prettiest? I seriously can’t understand your mindset…