(Skete = Kim’s current boyfriend (Pete Davidson))

The context

Before uploading this, Kim had a date with her current boyfriend
Kanye said on Insta that Kim was wearing the coat that he bought for her and went on her date (people who don’t know the context were leaving menacing comments to Kim saying “how dare you leave with the jacket that Kanye bought you”, etc.)
Kanye also shared a message from Kim when she said that if something happened (to Pete Davidson), it would be all his fault
And after uploading that, he started uploading other texts on his Insta
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1. Kanye seriously has mental issues. He acted like that to Billie tooㅋ Why would a 70-liner ask a 01-liner to apologize?.. Billie just acted properly during her concert, why should she apologize? (T/N: Bille Eilish paused her show after seeing a fan having difficulty breathing and waited for her to get an inhaler before resuming. People started comparing her actions to Travis Scott’s during Astroworld and Kanye asked Billie to apologize to Travis)
2. How are people claiming that only one person died during the Travis Scott show? Aside of the injured people at the Astroworld last year, 10 people died. 10 people died and Travis continued to perform. That’s why there are lawsuits going on right now. Even Kanye who is siding with Travis is getting hate right now

3. He’s acting so dirty. He’s ok with dating a new girl himself but he’s unable to stand his ex-wife dating someone new

4. Wow I seriously hate him… seriously, it makes me realize that Kim was a saint throughout her whole married life..
5. I don’t really know Kanye but just hearing about him, I seriously find him so-so in so many ways. He also made a fuss with Billie
6. I looked him up and he’s scary. Because his ex-wife changed her number, he went around asking for her number. As soon as he got her number, he went on Insta and uploaded his DMs. Meanwhile, he’s saying how he wants to beat up her boyfriend in his song lyrics. Looks like he keeps threatening Kim’s boyfriend and anyone who keeps their relationship with her

7. Wow he’s seriously messy

8. I’m someone who doesn’t like the Kardashians but honestly, just looking at Kanye, you can tell that Kim is the victim here ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ his mental issues are too severe and what’s scary is that we don’t know what he’ll do next
9. He’s seriously scary
10. Please go to the hospital, I beg you