Jennie X Calvin Klein’s 2022 SS Collection
Personally, the first pic is the prettiest one
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1. [+63, -6]

Jennie’s shoulder line is definitely art. The thing that makes me the most envious is that she can freely wear anything she wants. Because of my shoulder line, I can never wear any off shoulder clothes ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+56, -7]
Personally, I find that Jennie suits Calvin Klein the most. Her unique aura is f*cking solid
3. [+52, -7]
It’s hard even for actors to shoot underwear commercials and it’s my first time seeing someone with an aura even after they remove their clothes ever since Lee Hyori
4. [+38, -3]
Wow they are just underwear but what’s up with her force?
5. [+28, -2]
Freaking hot
6. [+26, -2]
Her aura is too good..
7. [+23, -2]
Jennie’s face is seriously so uniquely pretty. It’s a face that can’t be replicated with surgery whatsoever.. Her vibe is too unmatched