1. Leaning their body towards the guy

This is a sign that’s very easy to tell right.
People lean their bodies closer to the people they like, and lean afar from people they are not interested in.

2. Showing off part of their neck.

They will tilt their head to show their neck line.
By showing their vital point, they show their counterpart that they are not afraid of them.

3. Showing their inner wrist.

Just like the neck, the wrist is a vital point where the jugular vein and arteries pass by.
Showing the inner part of their wrists is an unconscious way of showing guys that even though they approach them, they don’t feel threatened.

4. Blinking their eyes faster.

You remember Daisy in the cartoon ‘Donald Duck’ right? Blinking fast is a psychological reaction to becoming more active. It means that they are thinking about many things inwardly.

5. Playing with their hair.

It’s an action that women unconsciously do when women are nervous. They would touch their body or hair due to the fact that they want to touch their partner but cannot do it.

6. Peeking with side glances.

Side glances or glances over your shoulders are a sign of positive feelings.
They don’t have the courage to show their feelings to the public but they still want to show their feelings.
7. Turning back/ go round and round.
Even if there’s a faster path, they would choose a slightly farther street to pass by the guy they like.
It’s because they want to get close to their counterpart even for a little bit.
8. Going within 45 cm of their radius.
According to anthropologist Edward Hall, 45cm radius around someone’s body is a very personal area. Women often push their bodies or belongings into the personal realm of the man they are interested in. It means that they want to take up more of his space.

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1. [+519, -52]
Please stop putting so much meaning into the hair touching gesture. The length of my bangs is ambiguous so that’s why I touch my hair. If I pass by a guy and touch my hair and that he thinks that I like him, I can just imagine him being all fidgety thinking that I like him or something
2. [+415, -7]
If you take this seriously, you’ll be a legend
3. [+355, -13]
I seriously touch my hair unconsciously so many times when I feel annoyed ㅋㅋ stop putting too much meaning into it, it’s tiring
4. [+106, -2]
ㅋㅋ Are we wild animals? What’s this “vital point” bullsh*t?
5. [+93, -1]
Ah touching your hair is eba. It’s just my habit