“Do middle schoolers really bully you for using a Galaxy nowadays?”
– I told my daughter I was buying her a Galaxy and she started crying saying she’ll get bullied for it.
She’s not eating nor coming out from her room until I buy her an iPhone.
I’m wondering if I should scold her to break that habit… I promised her I’d buy her a phone when she enters 2nd year middle school so should I get her an iPhone?
comment: Are you buying it without asking your daughter?
mom: It’s her birthday so I wanted to give her as a surprise, I wasn’t expecting the comments to turn this way, I’m quite upset..
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All I can see is that she wants an iPhone so bad but can’t think of a reason for it so this was the only way for her to express it, by saying she’ll get bullied if she doesn’t have one
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I’m a middle school student using a Galaxy. It’s true that a lot more kids are using Apple but if you’re not using one, you’ll definitely not get bullied for it. If you want one, get one, if you don’t have one, she’s probably lying
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Anyways, the prices are all over the place right now, just buy whatever you want… But kids are extra sensitive about trends
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But if it’s something she’ll be using for a long time and it’s something so expensive… I think it’s right she should ask her before buying a gift… But I can so relate to her wanting to make it a surprise that I feel bad for her
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She should probably not be hanging out with kids who will bully others if they don’t have iPhones anywaysㅋㅋㅋㅋ