[enter-talk] NCT 127 GOT CAUGHT SMOKING

Look at Haechan keeping watch for him. When Jungwoo got caught, he was keeping watch too
I can’t say anything about them getting caught for smoking but just quit smoking
I saw one comment from an NCTzen crying out that this is edited
No but do you think muggles are fools? No but why would we lie about it?
When Lucas got caught smoking, fans were also insisting that it was edited. Just cut down

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1. [+166, -5]
Kids, Moon Taeil is a 94-liner… not a 04-liner but 94.. he’s almost 30 so you think that he should get hated by elementary school kids for smoking?
2. [+96, -4]
Do you really think that NCTzens will get offended by smoking?
3. [+86, -11]
He’s an adult, smoking is nothing ㅋㅋ
4. [+64, 0]
You guys are treating smoking like a controversy ㅋㅋ
5. [+56, -2]
Even if he smokes, he’s more successful than your bias
6. [+50, -27]
He’s smoking on purpose to make his voice deeper
7. [+48, -1]
Just seeing how much he’s getting hate, I can tell that they are A-list idols. Pann is always claiming that NCT are flops but then why do you guys care so much? ㅜ
8. [+39, -5]
They are A-lists. They get hated on every day