ATEEZ fans are arguing about the similarity between NMIXX’s and ATEEZ’s MV and world view (group concept)

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1. MV 14 years ago
MV 22 years ago
It’s so common for singers and movies to use rooftop shots in their work, it’s almost a cliche
2. Isn’t this way too forced? So following their logic, ATEEZ also plagiarized????
3. Huh, the 3rd row MV reminds me of Anyband’s MV, so ATEEZ also plagiarized….
4. Those are things that we see so often… If the fans think that this is problematic, then ATEEZ also plagiarized
5. I’m a muggle who has no idea who that boy group nor that girl group is…
But the first picture is something used a lot in stories… It’s just a steampunk world view and it’s f*cking common, there are a bunch of similar drawings on it around too

6. So which MVs of ATEEZ do we need to watch to see this plagiarism?

7. It’s not even that similar, good to see I’m not the only one who thinks like that
8. ATEEZ’s fandom is big enough to trend hashtags now…

10. Such an overreaction

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NMIXX worldview:
The seven girls awakened to an amorphous world where the boundary between the sea and the sky was broken. Finally, they face the infinite world that some have dreamed of and some have imagined.
The girls took the first step towards an unknown world where everything they had just dreamed of came together. The moment they discover a new world and open their eyes (O.O), their world cannot be the same as before. The girls who have broadened their horizons realize and broadly expand the possibilities between the real world (FIELD) and the unknown world (MXTP). Representing ‘new’, ‘infinite’ and ‘now’, these girls set sail without hesitation. It may be more difficult than easy, and more dangerous than safe, but for this reason, their voyage towards the dreamed utopia will be more ambitious and valuable than anything else in itself.
What will you and the girls see in this adventure?
Whatever you see, you and the girls will be each other’s strong superheros, overcoming the chaos and inner fears you face as you explore the unknown and continue to advance “toward the sea”.
The best combination for a new era [AD MARE] is the debut single of JYP’s new girl group NMIXX and the prelude to the ‘New Frontier’ series.
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1. It feels like they’re just trying to kill a rookie
2. I just watched it now for the first time and it’s true that the MVs are quite similar (It’s a MV right?) I can’t comment on the world view..
3. Seriously on the first picture, they’re taking pictures from a bunch of different MVs on the left… If you were to tell me all these were from one MV, I would find it questionable, but this feels too forced..
4. It’s indeed similar
5. The MV is straight up the same?
6. If you haven’t put the first picture, we really wouldn’t be able to tell. If they took the same director, maybe that’s an issue, but wouldn’t that rest in the hands of the production staff?
7. This seriously feels… Forced
8. Declaration?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Did they invent that word?
9. As an ATEEZ fan I’m embarrassed about the fans’ actions right now
10. Only the sky with the boat looks similar, but even this, I’ve seen it a lot
> On Maplestory?
>> Maplestory, One Piece, Mortal Engines, etc.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I just took a random screencap and she’s still freaking pretty… she’s young too but she’s freaking awesome

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1. [+55, 0]

Her past pictures are legendary ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ she’s a natural beauty and is f*cking pretty

2. [+53, 0]

I was shocked when I watched the MV… this is even before she got used to the cameras….

3. [+34, 0]

Freaking pretty…

4. [+26, 0]
She will be know as the 4th gen visual. She’s honestly freaking pretty and her face is f*cking small
5. [+22, 0]
Sullyoon is pretty too but am I the only one who finds Jiwoo freaking pretty?ㅠㅠ
I heard it for the first time just now and I don’t know how to explain it… It’s interesting and mysterious..? I only heard the lyrics once so I’m not sure what they are saying and I’m not sure how to call their concept either ㅠㅠㅠ Meanwhile, I found Sullyoon f*cking pretty. Personally, I prefer ITZY’s debut song ㅠㅠ I kinda feel like I can’t sing along NMIXX’s debut song. What about you guys ?!
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1. [+89, -14]
Isn’t it good starting from the 2nd verse…? The song suddenly slowed down and stared again and that part was good. The MV also looks like a movie
2. [+76, -21]
I listened to it 6 times. It’s crazy addictiveㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
3. [+72, -7]
It’s indeed hard to pull off but I liked it aside from the rap part…
4. [+47, -3]
They were singing but I didn’t understand what they were saying at all; I just didn’t understand anything and it was so f*cking frustrating
5. [+39, -4]
I didn’t know that JYP would release something like this… I thought that they would’ve released a public friendly song but this is more my style than I thought. It’s freaking good