Nationwide/Metropolitan area
Ep.1 4.514 / 5.557

Ep.2 5.455 / 5.988
Ep.3 6.787 / 7.342
Ep.4 7.849 / 9.046

Below are the top 10 JTBC works

1. World of the Married (2020) Kim Hee Ae, Park Haejun 28.4%
2. Sky Castle (2019) Um Jung Ah, Kim Seohyung 23.8%
3. Itaewon Class (2020) Park Seojoon, Kim Dami 16.5%
4. The Lady in Dignity (2017) Kim Heesun, Kim Seon Ah 12.1%
5. The Light In Your Eyes (2019) Kim Hyeja, Han Jimin 9.7%
6.  Strong Girl Bong-soon (2017) Park Boyoung, Park Hyungsik 9.7%
7.  My Kids Give Me a Headache (2012-2013) Lee Soon Jae, Yoo Donggeun 9.2%
8. Misty (2018) Kim Namjoo, Ji Jinhee 8.5%
9. Forecasting Love and Weather (2022) Park Minyoung, Song Kang 7.8% (broadcasting)
10. The Good Detective (2020) Son Hyunjoo, Jang Seungjo 7.6%

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1. It’s f*cking enjoyable. The plot is well written and the actors are all good. Song Kang suits the younger puppy characters so wellㅠㅠ
2. It’s fun it’s funㅠㅠㅠㅠ The office plot is amazing and the story and surroundings are all things I can relate to so it’s easy to immerse myself in the plot… Even the broken wedding engagement to the dating at work, etc.ㅠㅠ The pace of the development is nice and the actors too. Park Minyoung’s vocalization and diction is daebak. Song Kang is still missing a bit but his visuals are totally good, you can tell he’s gradually getting better, it’s fine
3. First of all, I watched episode 1, and Song Kang’s acting really improved. I knew about Love Alarm, but because of his acting, I couldn’t bring myself to watch it until the end. But he really suddenly got so much better. His character is good and the story flies by. It’s good
4. It’s seriously f*cking fun
5. It’s funㅋㅋㅋㅋ They got hate from the Korean meteorological administration so I felt sorry for them
6. Rather than Song Kang, Yura’s vocalization is so hard to understand. But when Park Minyoung and Yoon Park appear, my ears feel at ease
7. Song Kang is better playing more cheerful characters
8. Not watching because it’s JTBC
9. Park Minyoung was always good, but Song Kang’s acting feels the most natural here. Above all, the drama is fun
10. I didn’t know I was so into the older woman-younger men couplesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I learned my taste through this drama. Song Kang is too too too cute, he totally fits the younger characters in a couple