They are from a big company so why is that…?

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1. [+180, -22]
No matter how many times I listen to it, it’s still bad
2. [+101, -31]
Even so, just like you said, they are from a big agency so nothing’s gonna happen to them. No matter how bad they fail, they are still from a big companyㅋㅋ big companies‘ idols will never fall behind the 1.5-tier (T/N: between A-list and B-list idol)
3. [+97, -31]
It’s because it didn’t get the music broadcast buff. When they start going on music shows next week, and start filming contents here and there, I think that it will go up
4. [+58, -4]
But I feel like once they start going on music shows, it will go up.. first of all, they need a YT stage mix video
5. [+50, -18]
When Aespa debuted, they got freaking hated on. When NMIXX debuted, they got praises so you will fail if you get praised on Pann
6. [+43, -4]
Isn’t it too much to wish for a high rank when they chose such a weird song?