“The below is the company’s statement

This is KQ Entertainment
On the 27th, after the ‘SUN’ stage performed by the Challenge Team in the first round of MBC’s ‘My Teenage Girl’ finale, was broadcast, a number of reports were received through our company’s official channels and webmaster e-mail address that the song was similar to ATEEZ’s ‘WAVE,’ which was released in 2019, and its chorus melody,” the agency wrote in a press statement.
While monitoring the relevant content, we found that ‘Eden-ary,’ our producing team [who worked on ‘WAVE’], was listed in ‘SUN’s credits information,” they continued. “Our company would like to inform you that there was evidently no prior discussion about this with ‘Eden-ary.’
In the sense of respecting creators with unique work activities, we hope this misinformation will be corrected soon,” they concluded. “And please refrain from making reckless assumptions about it.
Thank you”
CR: Allkpop
After the plagiarism controversy, they added Eden-ary in the list of producers
but they said that there was no prior discussion
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 1. Huh? They can do that??
2. Wow this is crazy
3. Ah so disappointing
4. Peeling like an onion
5. Huh????????????? I thought that they got his consent and added him to their producer list but… since it’s becoming controversial, they are just adding him as they wish?????
6. What the? Why are they acting like such amateurs? Clear this mess up…
7. Wow ㄷㄷㄷㄷ they are just adding his name by themselves??
8. Can they do that? Wow this is getting bigger so shouldn’t Jeon Soyeon’s side make a statement?
9. Oh my? Is this legal?
10. No but what is happening? This is the best