Nationwide/Metropolitan area

Ep1. 6.370 / 7.799
Ep2. 8.010 / 8.867
Ep3. 8.182 / 8.981
Ep4. 8.787 / 9.972
Ep5. 7.956 / 8.960
Ep6. 9.817 / 11.065

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1. Let’s not plagiarize
2. Plagiarism… Even if you want to watch it as a guilty pleasure, don’t promote it…
3. I’m watching because my favorite actor is in it, but I’m not watching the next one because of the writerㅠㅠ
4. It’s way too fun, I’m freaking enjoying it 💗💗💗💗💗💗
5. You guys sure like to consume plagiarism
6. We don’t buy plagiarism writer ❌Kwon Doeun❌
7. Do you guys enjoy watching a writer who plagiarises do well? Honestly, there are plagiarism talks about everyone of their work and even at the production level
8. The scores are good, the acting is good and the show is f*cking fun, it’ll keep rising
9. This drama isn’t plagiarized
But the writer did plagiarize with Search: WWW
In case people misunderstand this
10. The muggles who know who the writer is and still decide to close their eyes and ears and persist in watching are shamelessly fangirling on this
t/n: there are claims that Search: WWW Miss Sloane, there’s a huge Naver Blog about it