“I’m gonna express my honest thoughts.

I love a fairy tale world full of fantasies better than SM’s Kwangya-Koongkwang or whatever world.
Weird. I hoped that Red Velvet wouldn’t get into the Kwangya world and live firmly (on their own).”
Rather than the world being so-so, I just prefer the old SM before Kwangya…
Each group had their uniqueness so I liked it
But nowadays, all the SM groups are about Kwangya
So I’m getting tired of it
They are even calling their audition “Kwangya audition”ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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1. [+170, 0]
I liked how they had their own world like Red Velvet’s fairy tale concept, NCT’s dream world and EXO planet. If only they went in moderation with Kwangya, people would’ve found it fun but they keep talking about it over and over again so we’re just tired of it. It was seriously fun when each group had their unique world that was slowly getting revealed in detail. The fans also found fan content and talked about the meaning behind this and it was so fun. I’m so mad about how it’s all about Kwangya and AE now. Get in your right mind SM
2. [+100, 0]
EXO’s super powers, Red Velvet’s scary fairy tale and NCT’s dream world were f*cking unique. I liked how they had their own concept…
3 [+89, -1]
I’m a fan of another SM group but I also prefer our old world so now I’m just trying to mentally pretend like Kwangya never existed
4. [+47, -1]
Please cut down on mentioning Kwangya in your songs
5. [+40, 0]
Are there anyone else than elementary school kids who like it?ㅋㅋ I really don’t get it ㅋㅋㅋ to be honest, when they mention Kwangya in their lyrics, there’s no context nor meaning.. I feel like they are just ruining the song by trying to connect their worldsㅋㅋ and I feel like it’s just a joke.. so annoying. I f*cking liked Don’t Fight the Feeling but I was so angry at the Kwangya lyrics and the cheap CGㅋㅋ