T/N: ATEEZ’ fandom is bashing NMIXX for calling their fandom ‘NSWER’ because the group has a song called ‘Answer’)
2AM’s fandom name is ‘I Am’ but nobody is saying how they are plagiarizing Monsta X’s ‘I.M’ (T/N: they are written the same in Korean) but they are getting hate just because their fandom name sounds like ATEEZ’ song and it’s just funny ㅋㅋㅋ
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1. [+102, -3]
ATEEZ has a song called ‘Stay’ too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
2. [+56, -3]
They’ve been grabbing NMIXX by the hair ever since their debut and are just continuing to do it, f*ck
3. [+51, -3]
For real, f*ck, do they own that name?
4. [+32, -2]
It’s a word that’s so common so why even nitpick about it? Then, Bangtan’s song came even earlier than theirs
5. [+27, -4]
But seriously, why are they doing this? It reminds me of how Bangtan’s fans used to tell others not to use ‘HYYH’ on their albums
6. [+26, -3]
If they are gonna hate them like that, then Bangtan had a song called ‘Answer’ even before them… There’s no end to this so why do they keep insisting like that?
7. [+22, -2]
Have the ATEEZ fans catch a mental disease? Why are they ripping them down so hard?