[teens stories] A 71’ER CONFESSED TO A 02’ER

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subject: I miss you…
Gyuri-yang (T/n: “yang” is used when referring to a younger woman, male equivalent would be “goon“)
You really have no thoughts of coming around with your feelings?
You must’ve not have it easy lately either… But I believe that none of our members (?) voluntarily wanted to hurt you and give you a hard time..
The battleground world where you and I were taking the same car while firing shots (t/n: they met while playing RPG)…  Even the commanders who were so hard to grab on Lost Ark (name of the game) just feels meaningless now…. Because the teammates and friends we played with can suddenly just disappear
To be honest, you probably hold a grudge… But… But I’m wondering… Why does it feel like one side of my chest has been ripped opened… My heart has became empty and I don’t know why I’m hurting.
I’ve liked you more than a friend…
That’s why… I’m so distressed and I want to give up on everything…
I can’t just give up on party 1 whom we trusted and party 2 either (t/n: party = group of people playing in one team in Lost Ark).
I want to freeze my heart and just get a new start.. But I just miss Gyuri so much..
Situation summary:
1. A man child born in 1971 was pushing himself on a 02’er everyday
2. The 02’er was just innocently replying him and exchanging some words, but he deluded himself thinking he got himself into a some with some sweet youthㅋㅋㅋ
3. So the 02’er felt disgusted and left the discord chat of the team and he sent her this long letter
post response:
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1. [+104, -0]
30 years difference is just disgusting. How can you walk around with this kind of mindset?
2. [+84, -0]
Did he honestly think he stood a chance?
3. [+74, -0]
F*ck this is the age gap between me and my dad, it freaking makes me vomit
4. [+17, -1]
Imagine a woman 30 years older than a man forcing herself on him like that, I wonder what the reactions would be
5. [+16, -0]
Isn’t she young enough to be his daughter…? This is seriously disgusting
6. [+8, -0]
We need stronger stalking laws so we can report this guy for stalking to the police