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The hamburgers and the drinks are identical… Didn’t she learn after seeing how Haechan and Ryujin blew up?
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– I went there with a friend from elementary school I knew for 11 years

– She got accepted in an university
– so I did that to congratulate her
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It’s because of b*tches like you that Yuna posted this picture without any comments this morning

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Can you guys cut down mentioning Lee Haechan already f*ck. You act like he’s some kind of neighborhood drum (t/n: neighborhood drum = easy target, like a drum laying in the neighborhood which everyone hits on)
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Jay is doing a Vlive right now and he’s been talking about that hamburger for 30 minutes, he said he went there with his dad you trolls, take down this post
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Even if these kids went there together, there would really be people thinking they’re automatically dating?? Seriously you guys act more one-dimensional than animals