Aren’t they crazy? I’m so so looking forward to RV’s comeback
The concept is it, when I clicked and zoomed in, their faces were all crazy
I’m curious to see what kind of song they’ll put out
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1. [+102, -5]
It’s stranger the more I think about this… Right before they debuted, everyone swore at them for looking like twins and people could only distinguish them based on their hair tips color, but now, al 5 of them are so distinct from each other and they don’t overlap. They all have different vibes and are so pretty. When they gather all 5 people together, they have this unexplainable aura.
2. [+74, -3]
Wow… you can see their faces so clearly and they’re daebak… The members are all neat and luxurious looking, I didn’t know they could pull the concept so well
3. [+47, -3]
They’re f*cking pretty
4. [+34, -4]
They’re all pretty but my eyes are going towards Seulgi. She has monolids, how can she be this pretty? Personally, Seulgi even tied her hair so tight it looks like she has no hair, but she still looks so clean
5. [+31, -0]
The song will be crazy, I’m so curious. Can the 21st arrive sooner;;
6. [+24, -1]
Whether it’s their face combination or voice color combination, RV is crazy. Teh concept is the best concept any girl groups have pulled out. Their spectrum is so wide, they’re f*cking coolㅠ