To the people who say that she doesn’t suit brown hair, look at this

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1. [+178, -4]
I though that her forehead was wide and that’s why she wanted to cover it with her bangs but what the? She’s freaking pretty without bangs too
2. [+134, -2]
She almost has a bare face here, pushed her bangs f*cking on the side, is wearing those middle schooler outfits and even though brown hair doesn’t suit her, she’s still so pretty
3. [+118, -4]
Looks like people can’t bullsh*t about her wide forehead anymore.. there were people hating on her for having a wide foreheadㅋㅋㅋ
4. [+66, -1]
She’s pretty even without bangs. I think that she needs them to be in character just like I-dle’s Minnie