They sell millions of albums but nobody is charting aside from Bangtan and BTOB

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For real, the situation right now is just strange… Even if they sell millions of albums and set new records, nobody knows their names nor their songs. On the other hand, rookie female idols are able to chart within a week. What’s even more strange is SUPERM who debuted after investing a lot of time and money never charted. Meanwhile, the short-term project Got the Beat is still charting;;;
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I’m a muggle and honestly, I think that male idols’ songs are kinda cringey… I don’t know how their side tracks sound like but the songs that are out all have meaningless lyrics. Since they are only given a beat and focus more on performance, I don’t really see the reason why I should put it in my playlist..?
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But seriously, it’s really hard for male idols to become the nation’s pick nowadays.. Even if they get a bit more famous and known, they can’t live off only from their fandom so they get swept away
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It’s because they are male idols that nobody listens to them. If NCT 127 or NCT Dream released a song with “Get me, get me now, get me, get me now zu, zu, zu, zu”, there would be featured posts about how the song sucked with 1,200 upvotes
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To be honest, I don’t look at male idols nowadays because they are too ugly… They are all old and really ugly. I hope that they do something like Produce again
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It’s been a while since male idols have completely given up on the public and are just focusing on foreign markets. So the public has now turned away from male idols. Nowadays, there are still songs among male idols’ songs that the general public will like. However, unless they are released by groups that were already trusted by the public, they will never become the public’s pick