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The Hyundai craze in real time. Jay Park’s Won Soju pop-up store!
There are already 1000 people waitingㄷㄷ
One bottle is around 14,900 won…? (t/n: ~12USD)
Yeouido The Hyundai Seoul department store pop up store has sold out all 20K bottles.
One bottle has 375ml, 22% vol. and costs 14,900 won
There are no additive, it’s 100% made from country-grown rice and bottled after 2 weeks of earthenware aging.
Unlike diluted soju, it is clean and smooth with reduced distillation.
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1. I’m f*cking waiting for this to sell onlineㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
2. I tasted this and it was actually so clean, you definitely don’t get any hangover with this, which makes me want to buy it again, but I can’t. When are they going to sell this again?
3. He’s so good at doing business. He makes you want to buy his stuff with his marketing tactics
4. Oh I’m curious
5. I tasted this and it was delicious, it doesn’t taste like Soju, more like Hwayo soju
6. Waiting for the only drop
7. There’s nothing he can’t doㄷㄷI need to try this
8. Wow I’ll definitely try to buy it once it goes online. I’ll buy a pretty soju glass too~~
9. I found it delicious!!!!! I need to buy it online!!!!
10. I can’t taste it since it’s sold out everywhere. It just shows how well Jay Park knows how to do good business