[Breaking] LOONA Chuu, in a conflict with her agency… embroiled in legal battle

LOONA’s Chuu has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Blockberry Creative to suspend her contract.
According to a report by Wikitree, Chuu filed a lawsuit to suspend her exclusive contract against the label in December of 2021. It’s said Chuu received a partial approval by the court, and she could be given a preliminary injunction, which means her contract will be suspended to prevent further harm until the court issues a final ruling.
Blockberry Creative has yet to comment on the matter, and the reasons behind Chuu’s alleged lawsuit have not been revealed. Cr.Allkpop
Aigo, it looks like they didn’t pay her appropriatelyㅠㅠ
t/n: we’ll write the time as if it’s following a clock, but it might not represent the actual 24h clock time in the day but rather, the amount of hours spent on each activity.
Gowon’s day off:
4am-5pm: preparing for sleep
5am-3pm: sleeping time
3pm-4pm: wash, lay down on sofa
4pm-5pm: eat
5pm-6pm: dessert <3
6pm-4am: Street woman fighter <3, watch TV with the members, late night snack, chat..
Yeojin’s day off:
12am-5am: watch phone & TV, free time
5am – 5pm: snoring time, Good kids should sleep <3
5pm – 6pm: eat & feed the turtle
6pm – 9pm: free time
9pm – 10:30: feed turtle again, chat with unnies
10:30 – 12am: lay down in bed
“I need to wake up at 6am”
This is the other members’ day off
She must be having a mental breakdown seeing how the members are private messaging each other about Netflix shows they watch and eating late night snacks and sleeping all the time. Meanwhile they need to share revenue equally
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1. [+330, -4]

The issue here is that they’re distributing the profit equally no? If she’s the one making money, shouldn’t she be the one getting the money too? Why would they give the money that Chuu earned to the rest of the members under the pretext they’re a group.. If they didn’t do this sharing of profit and just gave everyone their own profit, Chuu would be able to receive a lot more.. Big companies and even medium-sized company have stopped sharing and only give money according to everyone’s work, but only those f*cking small company would still do the fair share…  This is the most problematic part. Of course, for big agencies to medium-sized agencies, even unpopular members will get a revenue to some extent, but those f*cking small companies aren’t able to pay their unpopular members so they resort to these sharing tacticsㅠ Anyways, nobody should be doing this equal sharing of profit. They should just have everyone earn money for themselves…
2. [+273, -1]
Those f*cking small companies seriously should change the profit sharing system when you have one boy or girl earning f*cking lots but having to share equally with 10 other people
3. [+207, -0]
Because of JYJ’s agency’s lawsuit, the issue of idols’ pay settlement became a huge issue and a lot of them were able to settle these battles. But right now, the issue is that although LOONA is getting well paid, their company is sooooo f*cking small that they still have issues like that.. I really hope that they’re able to resolve this lawsuit properly. Nowadays, even medium sized companies are able to pay their workers properlyㅠ Chuu will be better off if she just changes companies. There’s nothing to gain from such a small company
4. [+206, -0]
They only registered to trademark Chuu’s nameㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋWow seriously this company is crazy
“You guys should know that they have only trademarked Chuu’s name so that even if she goes to another company, she will never be able to re-use her name”
5. [+178, -0]
But Chuu is entitled to move like that. Almost all of LOONA’s recognition is gained through Chuu and Chuu is the only one who has individual promotions. They should at least pay her well, but seeing how she mentioned she hasn’t received any salary make me wonder how they’re even able to open a new audition for male idols now?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So they’ve been using Chuu’s money to make a boy group..?
6. [+161, -1]
No but this reminds me of Miss A and Suzy, she was the one suffering while working so why are they doing this evenly shared profit thing?? I can understand SNSD doing it since everyone is successful but when you have one person pulling the weight of the entire team, shouldn’t they have a different share of the profit?