“China love controversy” Henry’s first Korean variety show in a year… With Aiki and Leejung”

The production team of ‘Begin Again’ has begun to produce another version of the show with the participation of famous Korean dancers instead of singers.

According to information, the production team of JTBC’s ‘Begin Again’ is currently filming a new version of this show for famous Korean dancers in New YorkUSA with dancers Aiki, Lia Kim, Lee Jung, and Park Hye-rim.

‘Begin Again‘ is a reality show starring famous Korean singers who will go abroad to places no one knows about them, and hold busking events. The latest season of the show finished in 2020.

In the meantime, the news that the “Begin Again” production team is reuniting and producing a program that includes busking events of famous Korean dancers instead of singers, has heightened expectations.

In particular, in this show, dancers Aiki, Lia Kim, and Lee Jung, famous dancers who participated in ‘Street Woman Fighter‘ and received much attention from the public after this show ended, appears and Park Hye-rim, a young female dancer who had participated in ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter‘, also joins. Henry, the original member of ‘Begin Again‘, also reappears in this season.

What busking events will these famous dancers hold overseas and what will they do to attract foreign audiences who don’t know who they are? Stay tuned for more updates on the dancer version of “Begin Again” in the future!

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JTBC again? Sigh
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At this rate, the people who are watching this are problematic too. Talk about lacking a spine
3. [+142, -2]
So the J JTBC means “Sinocentrism?” (Joonghwa)
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Ah… So that’s why he wrote that dog-like apology? Because he had to shoot something for Korea again? f*ck
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Seriously the broadcast and agencies who are still releasing Chinese kids are f*cking severe
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I’m not watching anything Henry is appearing on and I’ll be boycotting
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But he erased his apology