Apparently it’s Mirae’s Dohyun

“as expected they think that Mirae Tsuki looks like a fool with her excessive expressions and are making fun of it…It’s sad”

(original tweet got deleted, but we found another tweet about it)


original post: here

1. Damn it their character shines right through

2. Trash character

3. Why are they doing this… of course you can find it excessive, but you can just keep it to yourself, people who are swearing at her and mocking her are just problematic.. He’s seriously rude

4. Can’t he read the room just by looking at his friend with blue hair’s stiff expression… Where is his tact?

5. ㅋㅋ They’re doing the same job but look at the way he’s mimicking her and mocking her. It’s my first time hearing about this group and I’m already turned off

6. The guy next to him realizing he just f*cked up..

7. As expected, there’s a reason flops are flopsㅋ

8. Tsuki is doing such a good job, why are they like that?? F*cking disgusting

9. Let’s not do this to people who are just trying their best, save Dongpyo

10. Why would you do this to someone who’s trying their best? Female or male idols