She’s doing stuff like that in Japanese variety shows right now
This was a broadcast on April 3rdㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
How are Japanese brains all messed up like that?


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1. [+146, -6]
I wonder what goes through the mind of Hitomi right now… She was treated like a top star here, meanwhile they’re treating her like that over there..
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Hitomi really got better at singing and dancing in her group, and she started to take the lead on many things so I thought her situation would improve… What is this..
3. [+110, -30]
She’s the center right now so you’d expect her to do well, but this is pissing me off… If they’re going to treat her like that, we should bring her back to Koreaㅠㅠ
4. [+83, -0]
I don’t understand why Japan is considered an advanced country when they act so uncivilized
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When I see stuff like that, I realize how smart Sakura is
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Japanese variety are still not at a stagnant stage, rather they’re going back in timeㅋㅋ They used to be refreshing back in the days, but even for host bar hair, it’s always stayed that one style and it’s been half a centuryㅋㅋ Still, Hitomi is getting the center of her group for the first time and they’ve been pushing her a lot so she’s been saying she’s happy lately. Girl groups in Japan all participate in programs like these, they’re not doing this because they look down on her, it’s just that Japanese variety shows are backwardsㅎ I hope we can see Hitomi’s good side on stage a lot