He shared a picture of him staring weirdly into the camera on 3/26. And then went MIA for 3 weeks and he just posted one picture of him now and that’s it. What’s wrong with him? Back then, he when he said that he was filming a drama, he would more or less post a few posts on Bubble every 2 weeks. And things started improving a bit but he went back to being like this again. Does he hate his fans? Or is he in a relationship?

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Why are people shielding him so much? There’s no kid who is as obvious in NCT about showing their hatred towards their fans though..
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Actually, they divide their Bubble income between the members so he’s both irresponsible and doesn’t have love towards his fans. It just feels like he’s tired of being an idol and it’s a shame
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Fans are losers to him
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Ah seriously, can I speak honestly? At first, sigh… I thought “I guess those are just his tendencies…” but later on, I just became disappointed. Even so, seeing how he was getting hate for doing more dumbfounding things, I felt bad for him. Seeing how he came in the fansign with his hat lowered down to his eyes (T/N: it’s kind of an etiquette thing to show your face properly) and how he doesn’t go on Bubble, it just makes me so mad. It was to the point when I forgot that I was subbed to his Bubble. It’s not like the fans wanted him to go on Bubble every day but what is making him so busy that he’s finding it so hard to go on a paid app like Bubble once in 3 weeks? There are already so many talks about it on protected Twitter accountsㅋㅋㅋ This was already mentioned continuously since a few years ago but seeing how he doesn’t change, there’s just no hope and I’ll just quit on being his fan.. I’m so mad. There’s a bunch of handsome male idols around who are both good at communicating and handsomeㅋㅋㅋ Seems like Jung Jaehyung’s tendencies don’t really match with mine so this won’t work out
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If you commented above this comment, your life will be ruined —- Jaehyun doesn’t even post every 2 weeks and this time, he posted late so if you’re a fan, you would know it. Aren’t you tired of cosplaying as a fan? Look at you faking the best comments at midnight. Goosebumps
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But seeing the “+710”, doesn’t that mean that she’s been there since the beginning? Why are you saying that OP isn’t a fan?