“*Gasp* Sunmi said that she received Love Dive’s demo too
I want to hear Sunmi’s version too
She suits the ‘oooooh~’ part so well that I’m going crazy”
(T/N: Sunmi said that the song was very her style but she felt like the song would be better if it was sang by a group rather than a solo singer. She really debated a lot about keeping the song or not)
I’m indeed curious about how Sunmi would’ve sang itㅋㅋㅋㅋ
There were a few reactions to Love Dive saying how is sounded like a Sunmi song. It kinda has that Pporappippam vibe.
There were fans saying that there was a mash up with Pporappippam.. is it this one??

“What if IVE’s new song Love Dive was a Sunmi song?”
As a celebration for making it to the Hot talk, here are the pictures that Sunmi took last week

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1. Oh it’s indeed a song that would fit Sunmi a lot…
2. Oh it has that vibe. It would fit Sunmi
3. The ‘Oooooh~’ part really sounds like a Sunmi song
4. Hul I thought that the song was made for IVE even with that title
5. Wow it suits Sunmi
6. I’m curious about Sunmi’s version now
7. Hul I can kinda hear Sunmi’s voice… she would f*cking suit it
8. Oh Sunmi would’ve suit it well too. I also wanna see Sunmi dance and sing to this song
9. She would totally suit it. I’m curious about Sunmi’s version too ㅋㅋ
10. She would suit it so well
11. I wonder if she would’ve chosen another title?
12. Oh Sunmi is pretty