We still don’t know why. Baby-yah, don’t cry
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It’s because of this
“Nowadays, I’m getting a lot of stress because of personal circumstances but thanks to Wonyoung, I feel better. I told her ‘just like unnie said, I don’t really enjoy my life nowadays but I was looking forward to being able to meet with Wonyoung, and I’m happy in this moment, so Wonyoung-ah, thank you so much. I’m so happy to be able to be Wonyoung’s fan.'”
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Even if I’m not a fan of Wonyoung, this makes me so sad. Recently, she said that she didn’t care about the gossips but just how hard has she had it and how much did she cry before she was able to laugh and look over the things that hurt her ㅠㅠ
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What the? Wonyoung seriously is not a crier
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I just don’t understand what a kid like her has done that enraged others and made others swear at her so much? If you look at it seriously, the people with a healthy mentality all really like Wonyoung and find her pretty in real life but only the people who are not doing well are boiling with inferiority complex. I just hope that Wonyoung or Starship receive a financial compensation from all these haters no matter how long it takes, I hope they make sure to do it. I usually only fangirl on main vocals but Jang Wonyoung is so charming that I started to find her likable and as I was fighting back the forced hate against her, I became a fan. I don’t know if Wonyoung will see this but I hope that she knows that there are way more people who love her in real life. I hope that she doesn’t become dispirited from people with inferiority complex and unhealthy mindset. I hope that she remains the super star and god-baby that she is. I’m a woman in my early 20’s and all my friends call Jang Wonyoung “baby” and like her so much
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Seems like she cried because she was touched by her fan. Seriously, her love for her fans is legendary. She’s been using the gifts that her fans gave her for years…