[enter-talk] HYOLYN > BG > VIVIZ > LOONA > KEP1ER > WJSN

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1. [+76, -6]
It really makes no sense that WJSN ranked 3rd…
2. [+63, -15]
Hyolyn > BG > LOONA > the rest can do whatever they want
3. [+59, -17]
People are hating on VIVIZ againㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even like this, people say that there are a lot of Buddys on Pann. Where’s your shame?
4. [+50, -16]
Stop dragging VIVIZ and VIVIZ fans. Just how many years have you guys been dragging them ㅋㅋ
5. [+35, -7]
Just why are you guys acting like that towards VIVIZ’ fans? You guys must really hate VIVIZ and their fans… just stop mentioning them. Also, OP-ah, don’t feed the trolls
6. [+32, -24]
Overestimating VIVIZ is….
7. [+31, -3]
Aside from Kep1er and WJSN, they all did well and got the concept right so I think that it depends on your personal preference. But seeing WJSN 3rd and BG 6th is indeed a bit weird… WJSN broke the sandglass by accident during As You Wish, but I think that it was actually better like that but their concept this time is a bit… BG let go of their weird shiny outfits and wore suits so I found them fine but they ranked 6th.. The ranking is a bit weird