“Hello. This is WM Entertainment.
First of all, we express our deep gratitude to the fans and many other people for always supporting and loving Oh My Girl.
The agency has renewed exclusive contracts with the six members of Oh My Girl, Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Yoo Bin (formerly known as Binnie), and Arin. With deep trust and confidence in each other built over working together for seven years, we plan to not hold back on our full support so that the six members can promote actively in diverse fields.
Furthermore, we will respect Jiho’s decision to head towards her new dream after the end of long in-depth conversations with the members of course as well the agency, and we inform you that her exclusive contract with us has ended.
We express our gratitude to Jiho who has been with us for a long period of seven years, and we will sincerely support Jiho in her future activities.
The six members will continue to promote together as Oh My Girl. Along with a new start, they will continue to impress further, so please continue to send them lots of encouragement and support.”
CR: Soompi
I wonder where she’ll go
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1. [+67, -4]
Looking at Jiho, she’s talented so she’ll do well anywhere
2. [+63, -1]
I think that we’ll hear about news like that about idols who debuted in 2015…. Monsta X’s article is also out…ㅠ
3. [+34, 0]
Oh My Girl hit big late so I thought that the full group would renew…
4. [+25, -2]
I think that she’ll just go back to being a commoner. It seemed like she had a hard time being an idol
5. [+19, 0]
Withdrawing or disbanding aren’t necessarily bad. If you’re not satisfied with the support of the company, it’s better to leave. My bias also got way more work now that they left