1. Together but separate

Even if a part of all of the members are in different companies, the team’s name continues to exist

Positive: they can still promote together in the future
Negative: It’s a false hope that has no end in sight
2. Say goodbye

A part or the full group announce their disbandment and they start a new life as a celebrity

Positive: They can all go on their own way
Negative: You can’t see them together anymore
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1. 2, if they are just thinking about the fans and sloppily go with #1, the fans who claim to be “all-fans” will frame and grab the absent member by the hair for all sorts of things. Even if the group get together in the future, it’s better not to leave room for hope and end things cleanly
2. 1…. I feel so empty in 2 if my fangirl life just randomly disappeared… No matter how much I like my bias, it’s just too different
3. 1…. even with false hope, they can still get together one day. I feel like the blow is way too big if the group name just disappeared in one day
4. 1. I was originally a solo fan but I like my bias in their group or without their group so I think that it’s better to maintain the group
5. 2. Just thinking about them doing things hald-assedly makes me sad
6. 22222
7. Even if there’s no discord between the members, 2 is betterㅋㅋㅋ the probability of 1 ending up badly is way too high
8. 1, I get to see the members together more and I also feel like they are protecting my memories so it’s better
9. 1, even with the negatives, I prefer my bias staying as he is
10. 1. My bias became 2 so I was forced to quit the fandom ㅋㅋ큐ㅠㅠ I feel like part of my life just randomly disappeared