Taking SNSD as example,
they have a lot of love for the group but they wanted to leave the company
They don’t have things like where they can’t mention the other members or where the group activities are halted so they are still appearing together on variety shows and can do things between members.
ex) they appeared as a full group on Yoo Quiz, if they had contents, members from other companies would make an appearance, etc…
Also, Taeyeon also said that we could look forward to them promoting as a full group this year
Currently, Yoona and Yuri seem to focus on acting under SM
Since SM acquired Keyeast, a company that specializes with actors, if you want to go into acting, SM will fully support you. So there’s no need to leave the company.
(The current representative actors in SM are: Yoo Haejin, Do Kyungsoo, Go Asung, Woo Dohwan, Kim Seohyung, Yoon Jonghoon, Kang Hanna, Kim Dongwook, etc…
The Keyeast actors that are now under SM are: Kim Soohyun, Joo Jihoon, Park Seojun, Jang Ryeowon, Son Dambi)
It’s also good for people who want to become entertainers like Shindong or Heechulㅋㅋ
The representatives in that field are Kang Hodong, Jun Hyunmoo, Lee Soogeun, Seo Janghoon, Lee Yongjin, Yang Sechan, Han Hyejin, model Jang Yoonju, lyricist Kim Yina, etc.
They have a lot. They invested in Knowing Bros so they can be pushed well in the entertainment field too.
Even for solo singers
Taeyeon, Taemin, Baekhyun, BoA, Hyoyeon, Wendy, Joy, Kai, Suho, etc.
They are all steadily pushed.
I feel like just staying in SM, you’ll get the biggest support even though you don’t want to be a singer
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1. [+365, -2]
The fans f*cking hate the company but being in SM must be f*cking fun. They still steadily promote you even if you get into scandals // if you want to become an actor, it’s f*cking possible // if you have some level of seniority, they don’t care if you date // if the timing is right, you can promote as a group too // even if your results are bad, they still keep on giving you albums // if you look at BoA, Kangta or Bada, I feel like they will still promote in their 40s. It’s just f*cking sweet
2. [+248, -2]
That’s right also, no matter how good your results are, they’ll push you in whatever you want to do from solo to acting
3. [+231, -3]
Looking at Taeyeon and Key, they seem to be f*cking free… also, the kids in this company promote together if they are closeㅋㅋ.. Also, I think that the biggest reason is the Lee Sooman is close with the kids in his company
4. [+134, -42]
bet that you’re not a fan of the old DBSK who went to JYJ?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They had skills but they kept making them lipsync so the kids kept on getting hate. They barely had any vacations and weren’t paid properly either.. They filed a lawsuit and got called traitors so they changed the contracts, but were unable to attend music broadcast even as singers.. just how influential is SM… They left a company that seemed like a family and dissed them publicly even though they seemed close. Seeing a post praising SM like this makes me realize how much time has passed…
5. [+127, -36]
To be honest, it’s because of the old DBSK’s sacrifice that SM became who they are nowㅋㅋㅋㅋ I heard that after them, their contract terms have improved a lot