They have their contract renewal this year but I wonder what will happen

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If I was Twice, I feel like I wouldn’t want to renew…ㅠ I would’ve already made enough money to enjoy the rest of my life and if I continue as an idol, I will have to work so hard day and night, waste away my body, get hate from netizens and it will also be hard to hate. I feel like if they renewed, their love for their fan is really overflowing no??
2. [+255, -7]
To be honest, I feel lit it would be impressive if the 9 of them had the same opinion. There are surely people who want to go into acting, others who want to go solo and others who just want to live in their hometown too
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If there are members who don’t renew, I feel like it would be Jeongyeon and Chaeyoungㅠㅠㅠ
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Above anything else, I want to see Nayeon’s personal Insta. Why isn’t she making one..?
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They’ve been denied of so many individual projects so I bet that there are members who wouldn’t want to renew. They are nearing their end and did a few solo photoshoots and CFs but I feel like it’s too late now… First of all, I think that we can all predict more or less the members who won’t renew
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Loyalty and Twice’s name value are both goof but it’s obvious that if there’s a company that gives them better opportunity and support, they would want to go there. It would be impressive if they renewed but even if they don’t, I hope that you wouldn’t say anything. To be honest, JYP justified denying the members of personal projects because they didn’t want them to follow Miss A’s path but he pushed them way too little. I feel like Nayeon would’ve had so many CFs and solo OST in ’17-’18 but when the kids were doing good individually, they missed all their chances