People have been saying that a member called Ara would be joining ever since last year. She left SM and even opened her IG but ever since the beginning of the year, everything has been wiped out so apparently she joined SM again.

Winter said on radio “A new person’s Ae will soon…” and got shocked
Winter even said it on radio… Seems like it’s true
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Then kick out Ning Ning
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But are they really getting a new main dancer in this economy…? Not even a center-worthy visual but a main dancer who’s not a main vocal?
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I saw some meme that i-roaches made not long ago… Was it Lee Sooman or some officials that said that Aespa are 8 members in total including their Ae and that they should remain a 4 members group, so will they really be adding a new member now of all times?
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Are they completing kwang?
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Are there really kids who believe this? It looks like Tik Tok
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Remove Giselle and give us a prettier kid
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I really hope Aespa can remove Giselle.. She stands out for not matching the other ones