[enter-talk] THIS IS TRUE LOVEㅋㅋ..

The fans who go to fansigns seriously has true love… I would’ve never been able to do this..

“I climbed Hallasan Mountain in Jeju Island for Younghoon who wanted to see a world covered in snow because he loves snow. I’m going down the mountain frozen right now, I worked hard.. “
“The legendary madness, I pulled myself there bringing all this”
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So my love was fake
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Her love is also madness but her internet connection? That’s the real madness
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Younghoon, you better treat that fan well
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Imagine climbing the Hallasan Mountain in this weather just for a fansign video call…? If this isn’t real love, I wonder what this is… I’m envious of you Younghoon-ah
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Fangirls can do anything f*ck they will never do this for someone else in real life, but they’re doing this only through their fangirling hearst
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If I were that Younghoon guy, I would’ve stayed in touch with her family even after I turn 80 y’o… Especially his wife… Since it will be OP..