Throw away his selca app, he’s f*cking handsome 

“Ha… No but what is he trying to show on his selcas?? But how can he look so different?”
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The fact that he knows himself is freaking funny
“But actually I just got the confirmation this time, I’m hopeless with selcas”
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I saw him in real life during Produce and he was freaking handsome, he’s being buried by The Boyz bermuda right now, but he’s seriously f*cking handsome..
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Joo Haknyeon is seriously handsome
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Don’t know know why people even say “Sangam Joo Haknyeon”? (T/n: Sangam was his school) He’s one of the founding members of Produce 2
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Because of The Boyz bermuda, there was the original Wink-deep-Hak… (t/n: Park Jihoon, Bae Jinyoung, Joo Haknyeon)