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1. [+106, -9]
But BTS has the overwhelming win in terms of popularity in Japan
2. [+78, -7]
Looks like its Hybe for male idols and JYP for female idols
3. [+34, -9]
Was Seventeen always this popular? They’re right after BTS and Twice..
4. [+26, -0]
Usually people hit big domestically and get sent to Kapan, but BTS built themselves from ground up both in Korea and Japan, so they’re almost considered a Japanese artist over there. We’re not talking about bring #1 on KPOP but they’re always #1 or #2 among all Japanese artists. And BlackPink aren’t on this top because their fandom is small, but their popularity doesn’t fall short from BTS. They have the foreign celebrity vibe to them. And although their sales fall short, they’re still able to go on tours there
5. [+25, -1]
I’m shocked that Bigbang made it to the teens ranking. And I’m shocked that Blackpink isn’t there either
6. [+18, -3]
It’s a teen ranking and Bigbang is impressive..ㅋ